Food For Flat And Sexy Abdomen

Have you always wanted to have a flat abdomen? All girls and guys want this but they find it so hard to achieve. Paired with regular exercise, here are some of the foods which can be helpful aim acquiring a flat and sexy abdomen.

Avocado is a fruit which has healthy monounsaturated fats and is known to help in lowering the level of LDL cholesterol as well as make contributions in losing weight. Except for calories, Avocado has good reserve of fiber and protein.Eating avocado is a healthy diet compared other diets which are totally eliminating fat.

According to

one research study, it was found that those who increase their percentage of protein calories on its own based diet can burn up to 71 calories per day. Thus it is good to start the day with protein-rich breakfast of scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs have

considerable contributions in weight loss especially in keeping your abdomen toned.

Green tea
The catechin which can be found in greentea is a powerful antioxidant which also helps in the acceleration of metabolism. According to one study, it was found out that people who often consume the catechins from green tea are degrading of body mass indexes as well as reducing size of their waistline than others. Safe to say that green tea is the best drink for a person's total health and not only for weightloss purposes.

Pomelo is a fruit which contains good amount of acidity that helps in making the rate of digestion slower. Thus, it helps delay a person’s feeling of hunger.

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